Thursday, January 3, 2013

What's Happening in 2013?

By Andrea Boeshaar

 All politics and apocalyptic theories aside, what’s happening in 2013 is the release of the last book in my Fabric of Time series. Each novel in the series moves up a generation, beginning in 1848 and ending in 1902.

The idea for this series came when I coordinated our Eikaas-Fluge family reunion in the late 1990s – that’s right. Almost 20 years ago! When the team at Charisma House and its fiction division, Realms, was interested in my idea, I rejoiced!!! Family is so important to me – dysfunction, quirks, and all. So I began to research and write. The novels in my series are brand new stories, published by Charisma Media within the last year.

My great-grandparents were married in 1900. Both had emigrated from Norway with hopes of living a better life. Sounds relevant for even today, doesn’t it?

We all have a history. However, I understand why some people choose to abandon their pasts because of things that have happened – bad things, embarrassing things, difficult things. But I also believe that if we ask God to heal our wounds and help us forgive and forget the ugly, we can accept and embrace our histories – even write about them. After all, God uses everything in our lives to mold and shape us into the people that He wants us to be.

And we know that for those who love God 
all things work together for good, 
for those who are called according to his purpose. 
                                             (Romans 8:29 ESV)

Threads of Hope (January 2012)

The year is 1848, and Kristin Eikaas has traveled from Norway to Wisconsin with dreams of a new life. But when she arrives, she finds one disappointment after another. Worse, her superstitious uncle now believes that his neighbor’s Oneida Indian wife has put a curse on Kristin. Everyone knows the Sundbergs put spells on people…

Everyone except Kristin. Her run-ins with Sam Sundberg only prove that he is a good man from a Christian family. But when her uncle discovers she’s been associating with Sam, his temper flares. To escape his wrath, Kristin gratefully accepts a job as the Sundbergs’ house girl, finding solace at the family’s spinning wheel.

In the time Sam and Kristin spend together, their friendship develops into much more, and Sam prays about a match between them. But opposition threatens to derail their newfound love. Will they have the courage to stand up for what is right—even against their own families? 

Threads of Faith (October 2012)

Julianna Wayland is running for her life! She hides in a crate on London’s dock, only to be loaded onto a ship bound for America. During the voyage, she becomes acquainted with Captain Daniel Sundberg who assuages her fears of sea-faring men. He’s not at all what she expected. By the time they reach New York’s harbor, Julianna’s certain she’s in love with him. The only problem is Daniel has plans for himself – plans that don’t include her.

Daniel Sundberg intends to say a last goodbye to his dying father in Manitowoc, Wisconsin and make sure his mother and sisters are well-taken care of, then get on with his life – a life he’s lived apart from his biological family. 

Threads of Love (Coming in May 2013)

It’s 1902 and Emily Sundberg considers herself a proper school teacher of the Twentieth Century. But a decade ago, she behaved more like a tomboy than a young lady. So when the neighbor’s grandson came to visit one summer, they became fast friends and Emily even got her first kiss. Unfortunately, Jake Edgerton told all the local boys. Rumors circulated, the taunts and teasing began. Emily caved from embarrassment and guilt. She wasn't ever able to confront Jake about the incident either. He’d returned to Fallon, Montana and she never saw or heard from him again. Over the years she’d worked hard to prove to her former classmates and the people of Manitowoc, Wisconsin that, despite past mistakes, she really was a decent, upstanding young woman, one befitting of a school teacher. But even with the passing of time, Emily’s never forgotten Jake and how he nearly ruined her life…

And now he’s a U. S. deputy marshal and he’s back in town!

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