Monday, December 31, 2012



THE ONE THING  Need some motivation. Here it is. I listened to Andy Stanley on YOUR MOVE this past week. It's just what we all need to hear and think about for this new year. I think you'll find your one thing or maybe more. :)  Don't miss this.

Then mark your calendars for January 8th. My new book, Mystery of the Heart, The Ravensmoore Chronicles, Book Three releases that day. And you might remember that every year on my birthday, January 11th, I like to give things away. So I will be giving away three sets of my complete series that week. Drop in for a chance to win. That's January 8th! BUT if you're visiting here today and leave a comment about one thing you hope to accomplish in 2013 I'll throw your name in the hat as a possible winner of my ENTIRE SERIES! You must enter by midnight January 5th PST. I'll post the winner on Sunday January 6th.

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Wendy Newcomb said...

I'm just planning on a less stressful year next year and praying the Lord will help me with that.


Angela Holland said...

I hope to be more positive this year and to keep a journal to write down things I remember from my childhood.

Thank you for the chance to win

griperang at embarqmail dot com

Melissa Bo said...

Im hoping to be more focused on reading in 2013, both in my Spiritual Journey and fiction books as well.

I love to read!

Jillian Kent said...

Wendy, Angela, and Melissa,
Great things to work toward. Oh, and I would encourage you to look for my article under The Well Writer in the January issue of Christian Fiction On-line Magazine. It's not posted yet but here's where you can locate it. I think you'll like it whether you are a writer or reader or both. :0


Lena Nelson Dooley said...

God gave me a word for the year. It's Butterfly. When I asked what He meant, he said it will be a year for breaking out of my chrysalis to renewal and new hope.

At the same time, He has brought something back into my life that I hadn't participated in for over two decades. I'm really excited about 2013.

Don't put me in the drawing. I'll be getting my own copy of the new book, and I own and have read the first two. They're wonderful!!

Amy Campbell said...

I want to stay away from those words "in a minutes" when I talk to my kids. They are so precious and growing up do fast.
Campbellamyd at Gmail dot com

Jillian Kent said...

Hi Lena,
I LOVE your word for the year and the meaning behind it. Awesome! I want to know what that something is he's brought back into your life. I know, I'm nosey. :) So glad you liked the first two books.

Hi Amy,
You are so right. Those words are so easy to say and with good intention but the time goes so fast. Enjoy them!

Anonymous said...

Achieve a good work/life balance... this year hopefully!

Jillian Kent said...

Hi xenostrel,
May it be so. Work/life balance is difficult for so many of us. May your year be blessed.