Monday, September 26, 2011


I was thrilled when I first signed this contract with Realms at Charisma Media. It's been more than a year in writing and production, and every step of the way, I was extremely pleased while working with is marvelous company.

The graphic design department created a cover that really fits the story.

Later the marketing team had this trailer made.

The trailer really fits the story as well. 

Here's the first page:

Chapter 1
September 1885
Seattle, Washington
Margaret Lenora Caine sat in the library of their mansion on Beacon Hill. Because of the view of Puget Sound which she loved, she had the brocade draperies pulled back to let the early September sunshine bathe the room with warmth. Basking in the bright light, she concentrated on the sketch pad balanced on her lap. After leaning back to get the full effect of the drawing, she reached a finger to smudge the shadows between the folds of the skirt. With a neckline that revealed the shoulders, but still maintained complete modesty, this dress was her best design so far. One she planned to have Mrs. Murdock create in that dreamy, shimmery green material that came in the last shipment from China. Maggie knew silk was usually a summer fabric, but with it woven into a heavier brocade satin, it would be just right for her eighteenth birthday party. And with a few changes to the design, she could have another dress created as well.

Once again, she leaned forward and drew a furbelow around the hem, shading it carefully to show depth. The added weight of the extra fabric would help the skirt maintain its shape, providing a pleasing silhouette at any ball. She pictured herself wearing the beautiful green dress, whirling in the arms of her partner, whoever he was. Maybe someone like Charles Stanton, since she’d admired him for several years, and he was so handsome.

“Margaret, what are you doing?”

The harsh question broke Maggie’s concentration. The charcoal in her hand slipped, slashing an ugly smear across the sketch. She glanced at her mother standing in the doorway, her arms crossed over her bosom. Maggie heaved a sigh loud enough to reach the entrance, and her mother’s eyebrows arched so quickly Maggie wanted to laugh … almost, but she didn’t dare add to whatever was bothering Mother now. Her stomach began to churn, a thoroughly uncomfortable sensation. Lately, everything she did put Mother in a bad mood. She searched her mind for whatever could have set her off this time. She came up with nothing, so she pasted a smile across her face.

You can order the book here:
Maggie's Journey (McKenna's Daughters)

It's available in both print and e-book formats.

Maggie's Journey is set in 1885. The story journeys from Seattle, Washington Territory, all the way to Little Rock, Arkansas, and back while Maggie seeks the answers to the secrets in her life.

I have just returned from the American Christian Fiction Writers national conference in St Louis. While I was there the Romantic Times Book Reviews magazine arrived at the hotel.

Maggie's Journey received this 4-star review.
Dooley begins the McKenna's Daughters series with lovable characters finding out that who they thought they are is not really who they are. Readers are a part of the characters' journey to discover the truth. Dooley is a wonderful author who brings her characters to life.

I was both surprised and thankful for that review.

Tell us about the last time you were surprised with something wonderful happening in your life.

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Martha W. Rogers said...

Have to laugh, Lena. When I saw a review In RT for Autumn Song with 4 stars, I was delighted and surprised.