Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Amazing journey

“Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.”
Galatians 6:9 niv

This verse is my signature verse for my writing. Because of my age, I despaired of every becoming a published writer, but this verse gave me the inspiration and motivation to keep working and not give up on my dream. God is giving me that harvest now.

Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve loved to make up stories for friends, cousins, dolls and my paper dolls. Around the age of nine or ten, I began writing my stories down. I continued that through college when I wrote a novel, but then I married and started a family and had no time for writing.

Then in my forties, I decided to go back to school and get a MEd. I enrolled in a course to teach writing to high school students. My love for writing resurfaced and I began with short stories. My primary desire was to have a novel published after I already had written several Bible studies and stories or devotionals for various compilations, and even a story in a novella. Still, I wanted a book with just my name on it. I voiced this desire several times over the years, and one of my First Place 4 Health friends started praying for me and my writing.

In January of 2009, Carole Lewis, our National Director, challenged us to “Give God a Year.” I made the list of things I would do for God and myself for one year and then what I expected God to do for me. One of the things on my list for God was to get a contract for a novel. I didn’t share the list with anyone, but did my best at keeping my end. I didn’t always succeed, but I didn’t give up.

With the prayers of so many of my friends, both writing and church, and my new commitment, I had confidence and believed that God would honor my request.What happened that year is a testimony to God’s faithfulness and how He answers the prayers and faithfulness of His children.

In June of 2009, on my seventy-third birthday, I received a call from my agent that Strang Communications wanted to offer me a contract for a book proposal she had sent them. After accepting the offer, I received a contract for not one but four books all based on the one proposal we had sent them. God had not only answered our prayers, but had blessed me four times over.

Last year when I attended the American Christian Writer’s Conference in Indianapolis, Tamela and I received word that the editor was offering me a new contract for five books. Then in January of 2011, I was asked to write a prequel to the first series and given a new contract. I am overwhelmed at how much God has accomplished. I’m working on that fifth book of the second contract now. In January, 2012, My ninth and tenth books will be released. What an amazing two years.

We are on this journey together, and when we share our heart’s desires with others who then pray for and with us, it becomes sweet music to God’s ear. We rejoice with each other in triumphs, and we cry together in heartache. God hears and sees it all, and blesses us beyond measure for our faithfulness to Him and our belief in His answers.

What is a dream you don't want to give up?

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Jillian Kent said...

Hi Martha,
My dream is to have a long term writing career. That means actively writing and publishing until death do us part.:) I also want to be able to travel with my hubby to England, Scotland, Wales and other countries of interest. Because of family issues my hubby and I have been unable to get away for anniversaries for many years. This year we celebrated 30 years and still haven't really had a chance to celebrate. But there's always hope. :)And I'm so grateful to have the opportunity to publish my current series. I have a perpetual smile on my face.