Wednesday, September 21, 2011

ACFW Conference

Today many writers will be making their way to St. Louis for the Christian Writers Conference. When I checked out the numbers I was glad to see the growth. The first conference was in K.C. in 2002 had 100 attendees. It’s come a long way.

I had a great experience the first time I attended the ACFW conference. I was a little overwhelmed with everything offered as far as classes, editor/agent appointments and Early Birds sessions. The classes were helpful for a novice writer to learn the basics and some facts about this crazy industry we’re in. I still remember some of the classes and authors who gave sessions and what they taught. There was a lot more to this writing business than I’d realized! The best part was meeting other authors and making connections that I still have today eight years later. It was great to meet my agent in person and spend some time talking over goals and plans for my writing career.

I’ll miss the conference this year. Instead I’ll be flying to Lancaster Pennsylvania to do research for my books. So I expect to hear all about it when I get back. Have a great time everyone!

Do you have a memory to share about your first conference?

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