Friday, April 29, 2011

This Site is 63% Feminine

At least, according to Gender Analyzer. The unique web tool uses Artificial Intelligence to determine if a homepage is written by a man or woman. And all this time the feminists had me believing that, other than plumbing, there's no real differences between the genders. Okay, so it pegged my personal site, for the most part, as a man. I'm just wondering about the other 30-some% of my site that qualifies me as a female.

Anyway, I took the liberty of running Just the Write Charisma website through the Analyzer (see phot0). And, sure enough, the masculine gene is under-represented here. Greg, Conlan, and Mike D. -- we're only 37% masculine! Dudes, we've gotta step it up!

So, it got me thinking -- Is it advantageous to be more "gender neutral"? I mean, unless your website is aimed at one specific crowd (like, say, tattooists, carnival barkers, or cryptozoologists), a 50/50 split is ideal. Unless, that is, we only want 37% of our readers to be men. Which is why my next posts will be titled How to Shave Using a Straight-edged Blade, The Ten Best Crescent Wrenches, and Tips for Toning That Beer Belly. How's that for masculine!?


Carradee said...

If the analyzer works anything like the Gender Genie, it's based on certain word choices being more common in particular genders.

For example (if I recall correctly), females are more likely to present something in the negative with a form of "not", as in "He didn't do a great job" vs a male's more likely "He did a terrible job".

So I don't know that it matters so much, unless you're trying to sound like a particular gender. ^_^

Greg Mitchell said...

Maybe I should grow a handlebar mustache. That would certainly up the masculinity around here. I'll get right on that!

Mike Duran said...

Greg, a neck tattoo would help you also.

Andrea Kuhn Boeshaar said...

Okay, sing it with me:
"I need a hero...
He’s gotta be strong
And he’s gotta be fast
And he’s gotta be fresh from the fight." (Bonnie Tyler)

<JK, you guys. We appreciate you!)

Lena Nelson Dooley said...

Mike, that's an interesting concept. I've checked some of my chapters in novels through a similar thing.

In the sections that were from the male POV, they mostly came back male. Glad I kind of nailed it.

Deb Moss said...

Love this blog...and my authors. You guys...and gals...are great! You are definitely expanding my horizons!

Jillian Kent said...

I've always enjoyed writing male pov in my novels. I wonder what that means? I find I have to work harder to make my heroines "likeable." But I usually don't struggle with that aspect with the hero. So can we get more male points for this website from that angle? :) Hey, I'm willing to do my part.

Hey Deb, we love you too! Fun post, Mike.

Beth Shriver said...

Love the topic, Mike. Thanks for the laugh!