Monday, April 18, 2011

Introducing New Charisma House Author, Beth Shriver

I was really thrilled when I learned from Beth that she had been signed by Charisma House. Beth has been published by smaller presses. She had told me that something good was about to happen, and we would have a lot in common. I figured she meant that she would be signing with a large publisher, and I congratulated her.

Imagine my surprise when I found out she signed contracts for six books with the same house where I'm contracted for six books. I'd say that is a lot in common. I asked Beth if I could interview her here on the blog.

What would you like for our blog readers to know about you?

I received a degree in Social Work and Psychology from the University of Nebraska then worked as an emergency Case Worker for the Department of Social Services before starting a family. My father grew up on a farm and my mother a ranch so I have a heart for country life. That’s one reason I enjoy writing about the Amish. The more I have gotten to know them the more I respect the way they keep their faith first in life and live as a true community.  

How long have you been writing?

I didn't start writing until 2003. I began writing articles for inspirational magazines because I thought I had something to say and wanted to share with others. A friend of mine, Shelley Shepherd Gray, read some of my work and encouraged me to write a book, and it sold. Then came the memories of my social work years and my suspense novel was created. For me, writing is all about life experiences on steroids. Each situation, conversation or feeling is heightened to give everyday situations a fun, new kick :-)

I know you have several books published, what are the titles?

My non-fiction devotional, Peace for Parents of Teens, YA and Romantic Suspense have already been released. Three others will be released this year, Funeral Hopper, Love is a Rose, and Reclaiming Tess.

Tell us about your family.

My husband is in sales and my son will be graduating from high school this year, attending college in the Fall. And my daughter is studying for her criminal justice degree. I have two cats and a beagle that keep me company while I writeJ

Now tell us a little about the series you sold to Realms/Charisma House.

They are all Amish stories. The first book is set in Virginia and the last five are in Texas. The name of the series is, Seasons of Grace and the titles are, Annie’s Truth, Grace Given, Surrendered Ground, Touch of Grace, The Gift and, Return to Me.

Thanks, Lena, for making me feel right at home blogging with youJ

So, dear readers, please welcome Beth to the blog, and leave us a comment letting us know what kind of books you like to read. The options available in Charisma House fiction are expanding.


Jillian Kent said...

Welcome Beth! I bet there are a lot of readers out there of Amish Fiction that will really enjoy your novels.

AND Drumroll please. The winner of my novel, Secrets of the Heart, goes to dtopliff. Congratulations!
Please send me an emaila at
with your name and home address and Charisma House/Realms will send you a copy of my book.:) Thanks to everyone who responded.

Andrea Kuhn Boeshaar said...

Welcome, Beth! I watched "The Shunning" on the Hallmark Channel this past weekend. I thought of how wonderful it is that Charisma House will now publish Amish fiction as well as all the other genres it's turning out. Again, welcome aboard!

Beth Shriver said...

Thanks Jullian and Andrea for the warm welcome. I look forward to blogging with you!

Bob said...

Looking forward to your first book, Beth. The sooner the better.