Friday, November 8, 2013

Some of My Favorite Blogs

As most writers do, I love information about a wide variety of things. In addition to faith, my interests range from fitness and healthy eating to fashion and writing, so I read blogs everyday while I enjoy my morning coffee. Remember that blogs come and go, so always be on the lookout for a new one to replace any that disappear.

Here are some of my favorite blogs:
  • Steve Laube – All of the agents with the Steve Laube Literary Agency take turns writing blog posts that can benefit all writers. My agent, Tamela Hancock Murray, is with this agency.
  • Women of Faith – Various bloggers share their faith, lives, and experiences with truth and a touch of humor.
  • A Christian Writer's World - One of my fellow Charisma House authors Lena Nelson Dooley interviews authors. This is a great way to discover authors you don't already know.
  • Fit Mom's Blog – Although I'm a grandmother who can't do half the things this blogger writes about, I enjoy reading it and being inspired to stay fit.
  • My Revolution Bootcamp – Here you'll get some quick and doable tips to stay fit.
  • Living Better 50 – Read blog posts by and for "mature" women of faith.
  • Friendship – friendship expert Cherie Burbach offers interesting insight and tips for friends.
  • Seekerville – A group of Christian authors and guests share their experiences in the writing world.
  • YumYucky – Get some great recipes from this healthy food blog.
  • Gluten-Free Goddess – You'll find more recipes, only these are all gluten free and absolutely delicious.
  • Fashionable Over 50 – This blog shows that fashion isn't just about what you wear; it's how you wear it and how you feel when you're wearing it.
  • No-Nonsense Beauty Blog – Get some great tips on how to look your best.
  • Rachelle Gardner – Another agent who blogs is willing to offer frequent tips and inside information about the publishing world.
  • Novel Rocket – Enjoy this blog by, about, and for Christian writers.
  • About Words – Be the first to learn about new words that have been added to the dictionary. Some people might not understand the value of this blog, but wordies will get a kick out of it.


Darrel Nelson said...

I've been featured on A Christian Writer's World and Novel Rocket, two excellent sites, and I sure appreciated the opportunity. What a great help blog sites are in this day and age in getting word out about our books. Thanks for your list of other other excellent sites to check out.

Anonymous said...

Hello Debbie!

Thank you for including me in some of your favourite blogs list! I am truly honoured!! Like you, I enjoy a morning coffee and checking out blogs; real people, real thoughts.

It used to be that we could only read books that have been published and magazines on the rack. Blogging brings us all a little bit closer to people we might otherwise not have met.

I have checked out a few of the blogs you have mentioned. With a myriad of blogs in the world, it's helpful to have suggestions because there's not enough days in a lifetime to read them all!

God bless you!!!
Merry Christmas!!
♥ carmen