Friday, November 1, 2013


I love the sound of wind chimes. As soon as I'm relatively certain that it won't snow again (usually about mid-May here in Wisconsin), I hang up my wind chimes outside. I love hearing them catch the breezes all summer long. But I especially enjoy hearing wind chimes in the fall. 

Perhaps it's because the trees have lost their leaves that the wind chimes sound louder, clearer, and, at nighttime, even haunting, but they do.

In my story Broken Things (Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas), I have one of my four main characters, Jack Callahan, hearing someone's wind chimes off in the distance as he walks to his car. Wind chimes, to me, are so indicative of the season -- perhaps as much as the turning leaves -- and Broken Things begins in the fall of 1999. 

Book Origins

The story was first published in 2003 by Barbour Publishing. Years later, it went out of print and, with the rights mine again, I decided to update, revise, and correct any editorial oversights in the original copy before reprinting it.

However, I realized through trial and error that I couldn't self-publish and still get the professional copy I desired. The problem was solved when publisher Eddie Jones at Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas took care of the reprint side of things. The updated version of Broken Things is now available in ebook and traditional  print formats

I'm pleased with the finished product. Here's a blurb...

An old photograph prompts Allison Drake Littenberg to return to Chicago to mend fences with family members and friends, particularly Jack Callahan, the handsome cop she left back in 1969. Now, 30 years later, Jack is bitter from bad decisions and a nasty divorce. Even so, Allie prays that God will use her own broken past to touch his life – and the life of a dying, abused, and disheartened woman who, Allie realizes, is the key to unlocking answers to decades of questions.

Can she reach them both? Will God use her to successfully open Jack’s deadbolted heart? 
*      *     *

Broken Things can be purchased online via Click here for details.


Darrel Nelson said...

Congratulations on being able to update and reprint your book. And thanks for the info. All the best in your "renewed" efforts.

Rachel Matteson said...
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