Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Cover Debut for The Preacher's Wife!

I'm pleased to present the cover for the first book in my Brides of Assurance series, The Preacher's Wife!

To see this image, representing years of hard work, patience, a few tears, and several cramped fingers, the feeling was indescribable.

The design team at Charisma House did a great job portraying Marissa Pierce, the novel's heroine, and the tiny but growing railroad town of Assurance, Kansas. The model's appearance matches what I had in mind for the main character. I describe Marissa as age twenty, bearing a Native American heritage, with black hair, a straight, almost angular nose, and full lips. Her personality is one of quiet thoughtfulness and determination. Since she is a former saloon girl who has suffered abuse from her employer and ridicule from the townspeople, she projects an air of haunting sadness, but a glimmer of hope as well. I think the model expresses those traits beautifully.

The red background and the model's white lace dress also provide a nice touch.

I'm really thankful that the publisher allowed me to give a description of the characters and setting. I realize that not all first-time authors get to have a say in what their cover looks like. Working with Charisma House has been a positive experience and learning opportunity for me from the start. I'm looking forward to working closely with them as we get closer to the book launch date of October 1, 2013.


Beth Shriver said...

Congrats Brandi!

Lena Nelson Dooley said...

I love the fact that they want every tiny detail of a cover to match the story.

And your cover is wonderful. Email me the graphic and I'll add it to the sidebar.

Darrel Nelson said...

Let me offer my congrats too. I know how incredible it feels to finally see all your hard work appear as an official, published book. I'm not that far ahead of you on the writer's road. My first novel came out last year, and I well remember receiving my author's copy in the mail, excitedly opening the package, and staring at the book for about an hour. All the best to you in your promotional efforts and in your writing endeavors.

Darrel Nelson said...
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Debby Mayne said...

What a gorgeous cover! Big congrats, Brandi!