Wednesday, February 23, 2011

God Supplied My Need

Autumn Song is God’s book. I say this because it truly came from Him.  This past Christmas I became ill with pneumonia and bronchial complications that took me out of commission for over three weeks. Even with a February 1 deadline, I was too sick to even try to write. I had seven complete chapters, a synopsis, and 18 chapters in a chapter by chapter summary. I’m usually not even that organized.

On January 10th I made myself start writing. I prayed every day for the Lord to give me the words I needed to reach my goal of at least a chapter a day. On most days I met that goal, but as the deadline approached, I knew I’d need an extension. When I asked for it, my editor gladly gave me extra time. That renewed my energy, and I finished it on February 1. I then took two days to read and edit then sent it in. My thought was that if they didn’t like it, I’d do some rewriting in the editing.

Then when the edits came to me, my editor asked how long I’d been working on it because it was the cleanest manuscript and one the most well written stories she’d worked on. She asked how long I’d been perfecting it and working on it and if it was a story I already had and polished up for this book.
As you published writers know, when you hear that from an editor, it’s music to your ears. The edits were done in just a few days and sent back. She was very pleased with the results and complimented me again.
Our God is amazing and so faithful. He gave me back the days I’d lost by giving me the story and the words everyday to write it. I knew I couldn’t do it at all without Him, and when I asked, He answered just like He promised. That’s why I say this is God’s book, not mine.

Once again He proved that He will supply ALL my needs through His glorious riches in Jesus Christ. How awesome is that?

My question for you is:  Was there a time that your needs were great, but God took care of them in a special way? I know there are lots of good stories out there on how God takes care of us. Let’s hear a few of them.


Jillian Kent said...

I'm so glad that you were able to meet your word count, Martha. When sickness strikes it's so hard to focus let alone drag ourselves out of bed. But God is able even when we aren't.Wow! It's taken me a long time to learn that lesson. He's helped me through so many trials I can't begin to count, but I have learned that I can trust him.

I'm facing another trial now with my mom living with us and my daughter Katie moving back home. Both need a lot of support and care. But I know that somehow God will provide what we need. I just hope I don't miss any of the life lines he throws me along the way.:)

Mike Dellosso said...

Two years ago I went through cancer. As I missed more and more work and the doctor's bills began piling up I wondered how we'd make ends meet. But God was faithful (is he anything but that?) and met our financial needs through the generosity and love of others. It's something I still think about often when that hill in front of me looks like an unclimbable mountain. With God all things are possible!

Martha W. Rogers said...

Thank you, Mike for your story. No mountain is too high when the Lord is at our side. I'm a cancer survivor of 12 years this years. I pray you will have the same success in defeating yours.

Martha W. Rogers said...

Jill, you won't miss anything if you keep tuned in to the Master. Even when our plate is full, and we want to go on a diet, God provides what we need to take care of it all. So glad you're depending on Him.