Thursday, April 24, 2014

Editing: A Pain or a Blessing?

by Martha Rogers
For some reason I've been finding more errors in published manuscripts. Makes me scratch my head and wonder where the line editors or copy editors were when they read it. Being a retired English teacher as well as a writer makes those errors even more difficult to ignore.

If the story is really good, I can overlook those things for a while, but when they keep happening, I begin to wonder where the editor's mind was when proofing and editing.

All that to say is that I've had the best editing experiences with Charisma. Lori, you rock, and you make my manuscripts so much better and stronger. The first time or two I got back the edits, I was shocked and dismayed. Why did they even buy my writing if I had to make this many changes? Then I waited a day or so, came back and read the letter again, looked at my time line, scrolled down through some of the edits and begin to see where she was right and things needed to be moved around, changed, or even deleted.

Once I got into the edits, I've discovered that's my favorite part of writing now. I love going through and making changes, finding new words, and rearranging sections. I enjoy going back through some of my older manuscripts that haven't been submitted and seeing where changes can be made and the writing made stronger.

Editing is what it is, and with the proper attitude, it can be interesting and even fun. Ack! Don't throw that shoe at me.

I want to say I also love my Charisma covers. Here's the latest one that will come out in the fall. Perfect for my red-headed Molly who is modeled after my great-aunt Alice Whiteman DeAhna.

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Lena Nelson Dooley said...

I love your new cover, too. Be sure to book it on my blog.