Monday, March 24, 2014


My Pastor Mike has a wonderful blog that I turn to when I need encouragement.
If you're having that kind of day read this...

Life comes at us in waves. Waves of blessings and sometimes waves of problems.

This morning, with the wonderful blessing of rain comes flooding in our garage. We spent the night manning the sump pump to keep it out of the house. Tired, but victory is ours!

This morning I took my car into the shop. It's not working right. I've tried everything to fix it, but with no success. Now for the pros to work on it.

Waves come and go. We so easily think that when we are crushed by a wave that this is the way it will always be. We're wet, beat up, tired, off balance with the force of the wave, but the wave will pass....another will come soon, but that will pass as well. The challenge for us is to realize that these waves of both good and bad are part of the normal tides of life on a fallen planet. Don't let one wave knock you off your feet and defeat you. It will pass and the next one might be an amazing blessing.

One thing for on our little world is never boring! There's always another wave coming to make your life exciting. Anticipate what's ahead, don't dread it. God is in charge of your life and if the wave brings flooding and broken cars it's just one wave. It will pass, you will grow in faith and God will work in your life.

Enjoy the waves. They are part of a life lived well.


Debby Mayne said...

What a great post, Beth! I've had so many times in life when it seemed as though everything went wrong, but eventually things changed. You're right about waves of bad things coming and going. I consciously try to dwell on the positive, but it's not always easy.

By the way, I'm glad your house didn't flood.

Beth Shriver said...

So true. Thanks Debby!