Friday, March 7, 2014

Time Flies When You're Having Fun...Or Not

March Already?

When did the calendar get so fast. Seems I turn one page and then it's time to turn it again. We're almost three months into 2014, but didn't we just have New Year's last week?

My grandmother always told me that time sped by faster the older one grew. I heard that again recently from someone else and stopped to think. Yes, time did go at a snail's pace as we played with our friends and wished to be first a teen-ager then an adult. No, I don't wish to go back to those days, but now I do understand what my grandmother meant.

When a deadline looms near, everything begins to go at warp speed. We set goals to write so many words a day then life happens and we lose a day or two. The hours speed by when trying to meet a word count for the day, but then go into slow motion when waiting on a doctor or getting caught in a traffic jam.

This is the time when I have to sit back, breathe deeply, and remember Who is in control of it all. My precious Lord will help me get things done in His timing and His way. If I make a poor decision, He will help me turn it around although it may not be as quickly as I'd like.

Of course we can do nothing about the number of hours in a day, week, month, or year, and sometimes we have no control over what happens with that time. What we can do is give it all over to the Lord and let Him direct our paths. He may laugh at the plans we make because He knows He has something better in store for us. As long as we are in His will, and working in His time-frame, what needs to be done will get done. Sometimes we may get behind, but if try to go too fast to catch up, we may only get further behind. My advice for the day: "Let go and let God."


Debby Mayne said...

Great advice, Martha! And good timing for me to read it.

Beth Shriver said...

Interesting thoughts, Martha!