Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentines Day

Madison King's photo.
Since many of us write romance I thought I'd give a little information about the holiday. The day is associated with romantic love and started in the middle ages. It flourished in the middle ages by a man named Geoffrey Chaucer who started what he called, courtly love. In the 18th century England, the tradition of giving gifts was expressed, so came flowers, cards and confectionary treats became popular. Valentine symbols include a heard shaped outline, doves and a winged Cupid.

I hope you shared the day with someone special today!


Lena Nelson Dooley said...

My precious husband James has made the Valentine holiday last three days this year. One day he came home with a gigantic heart balloon. Another he brought a romantic Valentine card. He had me at the first two words, "Hey, Beautiful." And the next day he brought home a box of chocolates. He's a real keeper. I guess that'w why we've been together for 49 Valentine Days.

Beth Shriver said...

How sweet of him. Sounds like he's definitely a keeper!

Debby Mayne said...

Lena, that is so sweet!

Wally and I are in the middle of a big move. We had a nice, casual Valentine's Day dinner out and came back home to pack some more. Next year we'll dress up and go somewhere nice.