Friday, February 7, 2014

Exciting Announcement - Lena Nelson Dooley

The February edition of Book Fun Magazine announced the my blog, A Christian Writers World, was voted the First Place winner of the 2013 Blog of the Year Award. I praise the Lord and all my book friends for making this happen.

It's the first time I've ever won a Readers Choice Award.

On this blog, I interview other authors and help promote their books. My readers love getting to know the Christian authors. The often thank me for introducing them to authors they've never heard of. You should visit and see if it is what you'd like to read: 

If you'd like to read the interview of me that is in the February issue, here's the link.

My article starts on page 130, but you'll want to read the whole magazine. It's one of the best ezines for both authors and readers. Share it with all your reading friends. They'll thank you. And so will I.

Do you read other Christian ezines? Which ones do you read, and which one do you like best?

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Debby Mayne said...

Huge congratulations, Lena! I'm super happy for you! I know how hard you work to help other writers, so you totally deserve this award.