Monday, September 2, 2013

From Pineapples to Pumpkins

A last glimpse of summer at the beach
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Most people enjoy the Labor Day Weekend for its three days of relaxation. They simultaneously feel a sense of fleeting wistfulness as this is the last holiday of summer.

Goodbye hot days and pineapple freezes. Hello autumn breezes and pumpkin-flavored everything.

Even if you want it to be summer forever, fall still has things for you to look forward to, especially if you're an avid reader or writer.

1. More Books To Read

Those great summer bestsellers were a treat to read at the beach, but more releases are coming out from September to November. Just in time for snuggling up on a chilly autumn night or stocking up on Christmas presents.

2. NaNoWriMo

Every November, seasoned and aspiring writers alike participate in this event. Want to jumpstart that idea for a suspense thriller that's been kicking around in your head all summer? Want to finish last year's project? Or do you just want to know if you can finish a 50,000-word novel in 30 days (That's if you write on Thanksgiving and ignore Black Friday and Cyber Monday)? It's a challenge, but the results are rewarding and you'll be in good company.

3. Writers' Conferences

ACFW will be hosting its annual writers' conference this month, drawing industry professionals, authors, bloggers, and readers all across the country. Other writers' and book organizations will be getting in full gear for their conferences, too. If your time and resources allow for you to attend, they're an excellent way to learn about publishing, mingle with your favorite authors, and receive motivation and support for your own creative projects.

4. Tighter Schedules

This can be a good thing. You can actually plan a time to edit those final chapters or catch up with your reading without feeling guilty about passing up a warm summer afternoon.

5. Pumpkin-flavored Everything

Oh, yeah. I already said that.

Have a great Labor Day! What are you looking forward to this fall?


Debby Mayne said...

Delicious post, Brandi! I look forward to all the things you mentioned - especially the ACFW Conference. And I love pumpkin flavored and scented everything!

Brandi Boddie said...

Thanks, Debby! Have a great time at the conference :-)

Victoria Lindstrom said...

Fall is my favorite season of the year, for many of the same reasons you mentioned, Brandi. What I'm looking forward to this fall is beginning a new writing project. Happy Labor Day to you, too!