Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Sometimes You Just Have to Laugh

Last month I wrote an article entitled “Putting the ‘Motion’ in Promotion.” This month’s article is the sequel.

I decided to enter another local parade and advertise my books. My wife and I put 900 pom-poms on our truck, and I mounted a mock up of my two book covers on the back. I wanted to let people know that my books were available at The Cardston Book Shop, a local bookstore, so I had a sign made up to that effect. Remember, I wanted to advertise MY books and let people know that THEY were available.

As the parade got underway, imagine my surprise when people ignored the mock up of my books and focused on the sign. “Oh,” I hard many say, “it’s a sign advertising the Cardston Book Shop.” To them my book covers were merely examples of what the store carried: books! As I passed in front of the bookstore itself, the owner was sitting outside with his family, watching the parade. He called out, “Nice of you to put a float in the parade for us.”

All that work and my books were hardly noticed! But in the end, I just decided to laugh about it and hope the other authors whose works are featured in the bookstore appreciated my efforts. So you never know just how your promotional efforts are going to be received. Or perceived.

Well, one good thing. The bookstore owner is more than willing to continue carrying my books. I mean, after all, I’m his chief promoter.


Martha W. Rogers said...

Loved this, Darrell. What fun, even if they didn't recognize your books, they recognized the store and might visit and pick up one. Also love the colors...Sic 'em Baylor Bears.:)

Marketing can sometimes bring humorous situations and not the result we expected.

Darrel Nelson said...

And it's good to laugh, Martha, because we both know there are certainly times of tears as well.