Thursday, July 25, 2013


What is your definition of success?



Connecting with readers

Balancing writing and home/family

As Christian writers it’s a given that sharing our faith through our writing is on that list, but what about the rest?

I’ll be honest in saying I want a big following of readers first and foremost. There’s nothing more gratifying than hearing from a reader that they enjoyed reading one of my books. And readers who spread the word about our books is where it’s at. No matter what social media, publicity etc. it all comes back around to readers. Do I want the rest on that list? Of course.

Sales, it make everyone happy if the numbers are good, but I’ve learned it doesn’t do any good to try and keep up with the ups and downs. I pray and wait that all is well and most of the time it is, and when it’s not I just work harder.

Money is always a good thing, especially to get paid to do something we love to do. But for me it’s probably the last one on the list, because if those don’t come to fruition the money isn’t there.

Validation has become important to me, simply due to the fact that people don’t understand the literary industry. But I get that because I had a lot to learn when I was first published. There’s a lot that goes on before that book is on the shelf.

I’d never had writers block until this summer when we moved, and our son came home from college. Too much change and work distracted me from my writing. It’s been hard to slip in and out of my characters when I’d left them alone for long periods of time. Balancing time to get our new house in order and spending time with my son kept me juggling my time. As you can guess, I spent any time my son had with him. That time is just too precious, even though I heard little voices in my head reminding me they were there and waiting. 

Best-seller list? It’s always good to dream!

What does success look like to you?


Debby Mayne said...

Success has changed for me. I used to think financial freedom meant success, but I've discovered that no one actually has that.

I used to want to be on bestseller lists. Now I'm happy when someone enjoys reading one of my books and posts a nice comment on Facebook or leaves a decent review on Amazon.

I used to think that winning an athletic competition meant success, but now I'm happy that I can do a 45-minute cardio workout several times a week and still have the energy to do weight training and stretch.

Beth Shriver said...

Debby, I know what you mean. Prorities change in time and we realize what is REALLY important. We are blessed to be able to do something we enjoy.

Darrel Nelson said...
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Darrel Nelson said...

This week, Hunter Mahan was leading in the third round of the Canadian Open Golf Tournament, shooting for the million dollar prize money, when he received word that his wife had gone into labor, four weeks early. He immediately withdrew from the tournament and flew home to be with her. That impressed me. I draw from his example and realize that no amount of work on my writing, at my family's expense, is worth it. To me, success is coming through mortality with strong family ties and your life right before God.

Beth Shriver said...

Darrel, I agree. There is nothing more important than being there for our family members. Time is too precious! I haven't gotten as much writing done this summer with my boy home but I'll have no regrets! Blessings!