Friday, April 5, 2013

Learning Patience...Patiently

There’s an old joke that goes: Lord, grant me patience . . . right NOW!
As a writer, I have learned something about patience over the years. It takes patience to come up with a story idea worthy of the months of labor you are going to spend on it. I’ve learned that it takes patience to develop your outline and write the first draft. It requires a great deal of patience as you send out your letters of inquiry and the rejections begin arriving, one by one. Patience is required after you finally find a publisher because an editor gets ahold of your manuscript and takes it apart and you have to patiently put it back together again. Several times! Then when the manuscript is acceptable, it still takes months for it to be printed. After that the fun part begins of promoting your book and developing a following, one contact at a time. This is the normal process of a writer learning patience.
My experience has required me to stretch even a little further. Two months after the release date of my book in the U.S., my novel is still not available in Canada! The release date was advertised as 2/5/13, which in the States is February 5. But internationally (that is, in Canada where I live) the date means May 2. And no matter how many emails I’ve sent and booksellers I’ve contacted, I can’t get the mistake corrected. So now that the initial publicity wave has come and gone south of the border, it hasn’t even begun in Canada yet. And that has been an exercise in frustration. Translation: patience.
My grandmother used to quote this old saying: Patience is a virtue, secure it if you can; seldom found in women and never found in men. I am trying to develop patience, Grandma. Honest I am. But it sure would be nice if the problem could be resolved NOW!

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