Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Escape Into Medical History: Smallpox

Edward Jenner (1749–1823
Have you ever thought it might be fun to have lived at a different time in history? No computers, no phones, no airplanes. You may immediately think, no way! I like those conveniences. There are pros and cons to many aspects of living during different historical time periods. However, the lack of current day medical practices and our extensive knowledge of disease is something I wouldn’t want to leave behind if time travel were possible. Read more  here on my personal blog.


Beth Shriver said...

Hi Jill! I can relate to your question due to the research I'v done about the Amish. I go back and forth on the subject. I admire the times with less but once we get some new device we can't live without it!

Also like you using your blog for this site. Good idea!

Jillian Kent said...

Hey Beth,
I think the ideal would be a time machine so we can get out as need demands. Of course we could bring diseases from the past into the future and we could take medicines with us into the past for healing. I think Diana Gabaldon did that in the Outlander series, which I love.

Perhaps I have a new time travel series idea going here.:) And thanks, I think we should all direct readers to our websites from here. It can't hurt. Any readers out there have any thoughts?