Wednesday, July 23, 2014

What Am I Going to Write Next?

The Story Bank
              Breaking  Writer’ s Block

Our brains begin to store up images from the day we are born. By the time you’re my age, you have so many images and files, finding exactly the word or image you want it may take a few minutes. From those images and ideas stored there, we have a bank of ideas to use or all our stories.

The first place I look for images and stories to bank in personal, real-life events or conflicts. Things that happen to us, the journey we take to reach a solution to a problem or face a crisis can become the nugget we need for a story. Disappointments and failures that cause heartache can give us the emotions we need for our story.

Next I look at new events in my life and what is happening in the world around me. News events happen every day on TV and on the internet. Facebook sends us some funny stories and events. Put your own spin onto the idea.

Another source is our hobbies and interests we can use for our heroes and heroines. It can become a part of their character and distinguishes them from others.

Of course the Bible is a great story bank with love stories, battles, analogies, allegories, epic adventures.

So, when you’re bored, another thing to do is to look around for story ideas. What’s behind that store clerk’s attitude, smile, or frown.

Places you go and people you see can also be a catalyst for a story idea.

And my all time favorite is to play the “what if” game with people and events. 

So, where do your ideas come from? 
Posted by Martha Rogers

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Beth Shriver said...

I am in the same boat Martha. It's even harder with my husband working from home now. I guess we just pray a little more and work a little harder:)