Friday, October 12, 2012

Audio Books

I'm hooked on audio books. But I can only listen to readers who really keep me awake. That's important because I'm usually commuting when listening to a book. Over the past couple of years I've discovered a reader I just love. His name is Nick Pohdel and he was voted the 2010 voice of the year. I discovered him when I listened to Nora Roberts book called, Black Hills. I'm currently listening to Harlan Coben's young adult novel, Shelter. I'll be ordering the second one in that series called, Seconds Away and I'm so glad it's read by Nick because after the first one I couldn't listen to the second one by any other reader. But it must wait while I listen to Danielle Steel's, Southern Lights. Read by Nick Pohdel of course.

Don't believe me. Just listen to him here. Scroll down to Harlan Coben's, Shelter and Nora Robert's, Black Hills before you listen to the rest, just because I've listened to those books. Now I'm sure you have your own favorite readers and I'd like to know who they are. If you've got a favorite tell all of us so we can be entertained as well. I also love Rosslyn Landor's reading of Julia Quinn's, Just Like Heaven.

I don't know yet if Nick Pohdel and Rosslyn Landor ever read together but that's one of my bucket list dreams. I'd love to hear them read my books. I don't even want to think about how much that costs but if money was no object I'd be asking. With our busy world I can't think of a better way to reach readers, especially younger readers. I don't know. Maybe everyone isn't as in love with this form of reading but I love it and will continue to listen, but only to my favorite readers.

Interestingly enough I haven't found a reader I love yet who narrates Christian fiction. If you have listened to someone lately that you enjoyed who reads in the genre we all write in, I'd love to know.

Do you have a favorite narrator? A favorite book(s) you enjoy listening to because of voice? Put a great writer and a great reader together and you've really got charisma.


Beth Shriver said...

Jill,I can't read print books when we're on a road trip because I get carsick, so I've started downloading books. I use them when I'm walking too!

Jillian Kent said...

Do you have a favorite story and/or reader you've listened to, Beth?

Beth Shriver said...

I use audible, which I like but it can get a little costly so I go to the library too.

Lena Nelson Dooley said...

One of my books came out in audio. I think Barbour hired an actress to be the reader on Pirate's Prize.

There was an Irish seaman, an English pirate, a French pirate, and three Spanish characters. Each had his or her own unique accent and voice. Very vivid.

Carrie Fancett Pagels said...

I listen to audio books all the time. Jillian, I have a page on my blog Overcoming Through Time - With God's Help, on which I try to list Christian audiobooks (mostly historical romance). My favorite narrator was LIZ CURTIS HIGGS who narrated her own book for Mine is the Night. Awesome. I listen to a lot through You are right, though, a bad narrator can ruin a book. Here is my link but I am still working on the book list! Thanks!

Jillian Kent said...

Beth, Lena, and Carrie,
Happy Sunday!

Lena, how cool! When did Pirate's Prize come out in audio? Sounds fun, I'd love to listen to it.

Hey Carrie, congrats on winning the prize over at Seekerville. You lucky duck! And thanks for the heads up that Liz read Mine is the Night. That's fantastic and I haven't read it yet. I'm headed over to check out your list on your blog, Carrie. Thanks for the tip.

Elaine Stock said...

Great post! I love listening to audio books--takes the pain out of commuting to work, plus acts like a reward for working on the drive home :)

My biggest beef: there doesn't seem to be many Christian fiction books gone audio.

Jillian Kent said...

Hi Elaine,
So nice to see you here. Did you see Carrie's post? Take a look, she's got a list going. I'm hoping that we'll see more and more in the way of Christian audio books and of course with GREAT readers so they can keep pulling fans into the genre in that respect. Here's hoping. :)