Wednesday, July 25, 2012

It's the Small Things

Funny how seemingly small things can make such a big difference in the end.

I had spent several years writing a novel and had contacted dozens upon dozens of agents regarding representation. To no avail. Rejection slips piled up in quantities sufficient to wallpaper our living room. I decided to shelve the manuscript and chalk it up to the fact that it just wasn’t meant to be.

Shortly after this decision, my wife and I visited our son and his family, who live in in Salt Lake City, Utah. He mentioned that he had recorded a Glen Beck interview with Richard Paul Evans. My son knew I had read all of Mr. Evans’s books and would be interested in the interview.

I was.

During the interview, I was impressed by Mr. Evans’s account of the adversities he had faced in his own life and how he was working through them. No one is free from challenges, he explained. As the interview continued, a determination came over me not to give up. Not to shelve the manuscript and chalk it up to a “learning experience.” I decided right then and there to rework the manuscript once more and try again.

When I returned to our home in Alberta, Canada, I did just that. I spent six months rewriting the manuscript and trying to instill in my characters the courage and determination that inspired me that day as I watched the interview.

After completing the manuscript, I sent out another batch of letters of inquiry to agents. Within two hours, an agent contacted me to say she loved the story and wanted to sign me to a contract.
It would be nice at this point to say, “And the writer lived happily ever after.”

Turns out there was still a long way to go, however. My agent did ultimately find a publisher, but I had to do more work on the manuscript, especially once I began fine-tuning it with a skilled editor. But I was able to sustain the momentum—started when I watched the Richard Paul Evans interview—and see the project through to completion. After a journey of years, The Anniversary Waltz was finally published in May of 2012 and is receiving encouraging reviews. My second novel is scheduled to come out in the spring of 2013, and I am negotiating another two-novel contract at this time.

And to think it almost didn’t come about.

Thank you, Richard Paul Evans. If not for your interview, my manuscripts would be sitting on the shelf, collecting dust—a shelf labeled “What Might Have Been.”

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Bruce Hennigan said...

Welcome, Darrel!
I have your book in my small stack and I can't wait to read it.
My novel, "The 13th Demon" came out in October, 2012 and I wrote the first draft in 1999. Yes, our journeys can be long and tedious. But, the race goes to those who persevere. Hmm, there might be a scripture to that end.
Good post and, again, welcome!