Friday, February 10, 2012

An Author's Juggling Act

Right now, I'm trying to finish the third book in my McKenna's Daughters series. I was mostly on track to meet my March 1 deadline.

This week, I've seen the cover for book two, Mary's Blessing that will release in May, and I love it. But we did have to deal with a few tweaks.

Today, I received the galley proofs for Mary's Blessing, which I need to read through very carefully, checking for any errors. This is due back to my publisher by February 22. Can you see the possible problem looming before me?

Don't get me wrong. I love what I do. God created me to be a writer. I feel blessed by God to be able to write books that readers enjoy. Books that hold hope and redemption, along with an interesting story and usually a romance. But this life is a juggling act with many parts. In addition to the writing and editing side of the equation, I'm also working on the marketing and promotion for the last couple of books.

The only way I can handle all this is by depending on God as my source of strength, creativity, and stamina. He gives me everything that I need to accomplish what is set before me.

Problems arise when I think I can do it all in my own power. I can't.

Do you have things in your life that seems to overwhelm you as you keep juggling the parts?

How do you deal with this? Please leave a comment to share with us.

--Lena Nelson Dooley, author of Maggie's Journey and Mary's Blessing and the Will Rogers Award Winning Love Finds You in Golden, New Mexico


Bruce Hennigan said...

You are SO right! I'm finishing the edit on my second book. Just turned in the final manuscript for third book. Beginning to write fourth book. Working on cover for second book. Trying to keep up with Twitter and Facebook promotion for my, uh, first book.

I feel like I'm juggling bowling balls!!

But, I love it! God is so good and as you point out, we HAVE to depend on him to get through this. And when we do then God gets the credit!

Praise His Name!

Jillian Kent said...

I just got back from a book signing at Barnes and Noble with a bunch of other writers. It's freezing outside today and the wind is beyond the pale as one might say in my Regency novels. But I love what I do, even juggling the day job, with writing responsibilities, and family needs.

My best recommendation for juggling is to set good boundaries and remember that for everything we say yes to, we say no to something else. I'm much on the same publishing schedule as you are Lena.:)