Monday, December 26, 2011

Family Christmas

Today has been one of the best in several years. We had our family Christmas today. Last year I was ill with pneumonia and couldn’t enjoy Christmas. On top of that, the relations among our three sons and their wives were tense and not conducive to a relaxing holiday. What a difference a year and a lot of “Mama prayers” can make.
All three sons were here with their families. Our oldest granddaughter drove down from Ft. Worth with her two little boys to be with us. My heart overflowed with the fun and joy of us all being together and everyone having so much fun. The tension from last year was totally absent and I felt great all day.
All three daughters-in-law pitched in with the food and helped get everything ready. One year ago they could barely be in the room together without someone’s feelings getting hurt. Our sons were the same way. Cousins were actually enjoying each other’s company and playing with each other this year.
God has been good to us in so many ways in 2011. Not only did our family reconcile and come together for the holiday, but they are also making plans for other activities together. Then God saw fit for me to sign contracts for more books, kept my lung disease under control, and gave me another year cancer free.
The theme of all my books is reconciliation and restoration through the forgiveness of our Savior and forgiving each other. I’ve seen first hand how important forgiveness can be among family members. A family restored is a joy to a mother’s heart and is sweet music to God’s ears.
Then when a soul is reconciled with God, the joy is even greater. This is what I want my readers to take away from my stories. No matter how bad one’s situation is, God can make it right when the person turns everything over to Him and seeks forgiveness for him or herself or is willing to forgive the hurt caused by someone else.

Above is a picture of my husband and me with our nine grandchildren and our two great-grandsons. What a blessing to all be together.

God is good to us despite hard times and difficult situations. What has God done in your life this past year that shows His love for you?


Lena Nelson Dooley said...

God blessed our family with everyone here and getting along so well. Maybe this is a specially blessed Christmas. I'm glad both your family and mine reaped the blessing.

Anonymous said...

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Janice Thompson said...

What an amazing thing God has done for you, Martha. So thrilled for you and your awesome family!