Friday, October 21, 2011

Historical Research Enriches Your Stories

I'm often asked how I found some of the information I've used in my stories. I keep a file going with all the internet links I've found useful. You do have to be careful with things you find online, because anyone can put just about anything they want online, whether it's true or not. Once I've found informtation from a reliable source, I like to make note of that link. No telling when I'll need to go back to that place for more information.

I'm soing to share some with you today. I have most of the links divided by subject matter, but these have general information on a large array of topics in them. - by decade in 19th century - from Library of Congress - on all aspects of 19th century – Hill Country Texas historical articles - digitized magazines, newspapers, etc. - all kinds of antiques - presidential election information from 1789

Where do you go when you're looking for historical accuracy for your books?
--Lena Nelson Dooley

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DebMoss said...

Thanks, Lena, for sharing. This info is also helpful for editors and copy editors.