Monday, March 7, 2011


I'm in the middle of the second phase of rewrite/editing on my first book in the McKenna's Daughters series with my editor at Charisma House. Sometimes, when I'm working so intently, my brain needs a rest. So James and I went to see The King's Speech.

I'll tell you honestly that James and I don't usually go to see R-rated movies, but we'd heard so many good things about this indie, low-budget film. Then it won the Oscar for the Best Movie and Colin Firth received his first Best Actor Oscar. After talking to people I trusted who had seen the film, I decided that the reason it received the rating was intrinsic to the story, not things thrown into the plot to gain the rating.

I'm glad we took the chance. Yes, there were words I don't like to hear, but they were only used enough to make the point they needed to make, and the director/writer/whoever didn't belabor the point.

The acting was superb, by both Colin and the man who played his speech therapist. And the cinematography was beautiful. I loved the costuming and seeing the lovely old English buildings. We came away with a deeper understand of the problem faced by so many people. So my mind had a rest and we enjoyed the ride.

Have you seen The King's Speech?

If you did, what did you think of it?

If you didn't, what is your most recent movie experience?


Jillian Kent said...

Hi Lena,
I LOVED the King's Speech. In fact I showed the trailer to a group of my college students last week and encouraged them to go if they had a fear of public speaking, and if they wanted to gain some knowledge of history. I've already preordered the DVD. :) I was surprised to hear on Good Morning America that it had only made somewhere in the vicinity of 6 million at the box office.

Lena Nelson Dooley said...

It should make more since it took the Oscar. I'd love to own a copy, too.